A suggestion on how to expand the community

Next step we can receive 200 ETH. On this basis, we can also obtain more Ethereum through nft and other methods.

WikiLeaks has 5 million followers, and we can buy justice tokens with the Ethereum we have previously acquired, and then airdrop them to active WikiLeaks followers. For example, the first batch of airdrops is 50,000 people, and the second batch of airdrops is 200,000 people.

In this way, our community may continue to grow and our influence grows.


Don’t think airdrop free tokens make sense or will help because folks can easily sell them immediately. Thats could easily be a fake and not sustainable grow. We need money in treasury for other things that can be more effective to bring awareness to the DAO and Assange, the rest will follow… but yes we should have a more direct connection with WikiLeaks, just don’t think airdrop and giving free money is the best option, lets maybe brainstorm other ideas here?

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No one is trying to find a trash project, a junk token, make it valuable people will find it themselves


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This kind of airdrop is meaningless except to smash the market.

I believe the DAO treasury should indeed purchase $JUSTICE tokens off the market when it obtains more ETH, from say a future NFT auction.

The purpose would be so that the DAO treasury has tokens that it can use for future projects, and not to pump the token price.

To avoid instability to the token price, the DAO could make the purchases over a period of several weeks.

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junk token